Dancing with Darkness, Dancing with Light

Tonight the sky is clear and the air is calm. I’ve been working hard on the compost pile, washing buckets and jars, doing the good labor of keeping my home. My beloved cat is playing just outside the door, and the chickens are reliably putting themselves to bed. On nights like this when everything is so perfect it’s hard to even believe that we are at the edge of extinction. That about 24 species a day are dying out, that scientist say we are inhaling about a credit cards worth a week full of aerosolized plastic, I can’t feel it in my lungs but sometimes I’m a little short of breath, are my bronchi becoming filters for crystallized fossil fuel?

There is so much to contend with in our times, how challenging it is to stay open and present, as the world begins to crumble around us. And to also stay present to the incredible beauty that exists in each day, in fact this day may be the most beautiful day I ever know and all my days, and I don’t want to miss it.

I don’t want to miss anything, the way the dew gathers on the grass in the morning, the way my feet feel as they hit the cool and moist grass, how the grass tickles between my toes, the inhale of dawn air and the site of my tall friends the Doug Firs towering above me. The last few mornings the air has smelled so sweet with their aroma that I can barely take it. It certainly doesn’t smell like micro plastics in the air… But that doesn’t mean they’re not there. And it doesn’t mean they’re not in our waters, and in our soil.

The paradox of being is so intense, at times I feel like I will buckle under the weight of trying to figure it all out. And perhaps, if I try to figure it all out I will buckle. But instead of trying to figure, what if I learn to dance? To dance between the joy and sorrow, to be firmly rooted in my body, and the beating of my own heart, in the beauty that my eyes see, in the way my breath moves through my lungs, inhaling the scent of the Doug Fir incense on the morning air.

What if I learn to dance my way through days of work, and the heartbreak of witnessing so many endings in the elders that I serve, to dance within and between my own endings, all the women I have been and will yet be. I see my many selves dancing behind me. Me, rolling in the grass, childlike and free, me curled up in a ball weeping, me reaching my arms towards the sky, me holding my daughter when she was a baby and kissing her sweet face. All these ones that join together inside this one self, this one woman, this one body I call home.

Sometimes I wonder if this is really it? If we are living in the end of days, and no, I don’t mean the biblical end of days, that’s really not my cup of tea. But the end of all we’ve known, the end of the surety of the cycles of the earth, have we broken the web? The scientist say so, but in my heart the verdict is still out. What about the power of our prayers? What about those of us who sing to the dawn and implore the earth to live on?
Those of us who dance our prayers on her body with our firm, naked feet. Can she feel us? Does she love the feel of dancing on her skin?

I cast my vote for yes. Yes, our prayers matter. Yes, our songs and dances matter. Yes, our beloved mother the earth, feels our feet dancing on her body and rejoices. So many of us humans have forgotten how to praise, but not all of us, and even those of us who have forgotten, or who never were taught in the first place, can learn, and are learning again, how to worship life. I cast my vote for yes, because I cannot bear to believe the answer is no. I cannot bear to live in a world that is only dying, and I simply don’t believe that that is true. There is too much flourishing, too much beauty, too much synchronicity and grace, for ending to be all that there is.

In the face of darkness and destruction, in the presence of complexity and overwhelm, in the truth of brutality and extinction, I still choose to put my feet on the earth and dance. I choose to see the beauty of each day, and give thanks for all that is still flourishing, for all of the ways that life is still living, including, through me. The only answer I am sure of is that how I show up matters. That I am alive and on the receiving end of such incredible gifts, and that I can apprentice myself to the learning, and the open heartedness required to hold the complexity of it all, to be connected and aware with my eyes wide open to the beauty and grace present in this broken world. So, this will be my intent, my prayer, my offering. All that I have and all that I am I offer into the service of and the worship of this wild, green, magical home, we call Earth.

7 thoughts on “Dancing with Darkness, Dancing with Light

  1. west/foyle says:

    You touch my own heart with your every outpouring, and so mirror and nourish my soul. I posted this one to my Facebook because I felt moved to share what you say, about the brilliance of the light, sparkling in the dew, in counterpoint to the micro-plastics and extinctions and fear that too often clog our awareness. The beauty and the hope are also life, in this here and now. Eyes wide open, may we find our equilibrium and dance our way through with equanimity, in offering and response to Earth’s promptings.


    • mariannalouise says:

      Thank you, my heart feels lighter knowing there are others doing this dance as well. So often I feel that the greatest gift I have to offer is my attending to the beauty and staying present to the sorrow, I will not turn blindly away…
      Yes let dance, let us weave, let us pray, together. Blessings on you.


  2. Nathan says:

    Thank you for this reflection. As usual, I align with your heart and your intention… increasingly so as spring continues to unfurl and blossom. The invitation for me is to more and more be engaging with each being around me as their own divine embodiment. What reverential approach can I bring and learn for each? Thank you for bringing me back and continuing to stir the fires of embodiment. Thinking of you across the mountains and prairies.


    • mariannalouise says:

      We walk such similar paths, so far apart. As life blooms again, how can our hearts help but unfurl into the resonance of blooming?
      I am at the coast this morning and am newly shocked by the intensity of the beauty of it all…
      Sending love from the foaming waves and the gull’s cries and the twisty, wind-whipped trees.


  3. mariner2mother says:

    So beautiful! The dancing and singing and prayers are all so needed. And in the midst of species going extinct, new ones are being discovered, and a few thought extinct are being found again. There is so much lightwork being done that doesn’t reach mainstream news and won’t, that’s helping the planet. And yes, she’s changing, evolving, as are we.


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