Welcome to Joy Filled Heart!

This is a space for the exploration into what it means to live a powerful, conscious and joyful life. I am on a journey of discovery. Discovery of self, life and how to be human in these turbulent and often trying times. What does it really mean to “live well?” Maybe we can investigate together. I am a life long learner, a deep thinker, and a seeker of meaning. I want a space to share some of my musings, ponderings and tangential ramblings of all sorts.  I invite you in, to read, to share, to grow with me. You are welcome here.

May all hearts be filled with joy!




11 thoughts on “Home

  1. Deborah Mayer says:

    Hello Marianna, found you in We’Moon 2019. Confession hit home hard, beautifully awakening. Thank you for such depth of honesty.


  2. west/foyle says:

    Have just read everything else in your pages, also deeply thoughtful,full of heasrt andfgrit and life. We have had fires in Ecuador this year, too. And civil strife, and weird weather. I am reading a book called LEAN LOGIC, a dictionary full of ideas and data that gives perspective, and just a little hope, which is all we have. The keywords are resilience and community. You have both. How we live is our redemption, and gives our lives meaning, which we shine back and forth among us to give us the heart to persist. As you do so beautifully. Carry on the love!


  3. Rebecca Olla says:

    Your Heart is so kind, and Huge! I love that you share your joy! People like you are, sadly, scarce.
    I love you, Dear One! Thank you for opening up your life to us all!
    I could never find a better Officiant for my wedding!


  4. Helen Ost says:

    I am trying to finish reading Braiding Sweetgrass for my wonderful Nature book group this afternoon, but keep getting distracted. This tme it is looking up Franz and the Clear Creek Project. It led me to your blog,. How wonderful to see the project lasting, and writers like you with you talents still involved and contributing. I am 79, and it is exhilarating to me to find your blog. So rewarding to read your poetry. I frequently recommend the book Braiding Sweetgrass, and find out how many have already read it, and how it is changing the world. Keep it up. I just signed up for your blog and wanted to tell you how much I like it.


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