The Doorway In

Pain is my teacher
She knocks on the doorway of my heart
claws at the tattered screens on my windows
Her wind whips across my threshold
rattling my very bones

Who can say what is right or wrong?
Is it wrong to hurt, to cry, to hurl myself against the door?
Is it right to open it wide, allow the pain to enter,
welcome her home
at least for now

Nothing stays here any more
Its all a passing parade
the pain that swirls around like wind and whips tears to my eyes
and the joy that is so huge it aches deep in my heart
Are they so different after all?

Feeling moves through me now
I open to this moment
let go to hold on
Hold on to let go
my bones rattle  like a caged beast, but my heart is oh so quite….
could this be the doorway?

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