So I begin…

Sitting down to write, to begin this blog. It seems my mind is grasping for a perfect introduction for you, dear reader. A perfect way to express my intention here and sum up neatly what is to come and what the purpose of this endeavor shall be. But that won’t be happening today . For truly, I do not know what is to come to life on these pages, only time and inspiration will reveal that. I know only now, that I want to write. I want to write because the words and feelings inside of me need a place to live an put down roots, a place other than the folds of my mind. I want to write because life is desperately beautiful and equally horrible and somehow, someway, I am trying to make sense of it all, if there is any sense to be made. And if there is not, there is at the very least ample opportunity for growth and learning. For this I am grateful.

I will be exploring many facets of the growth and learning that come across my path. As well as many, many questions. Of the small nature such as ” are lemon peels good in compost?’ as well as of the larger nature “what does it mean to live a good life?” I can assure you now that my inquiries are broad and varied and that there are few things I enjoy as much as a delicious pondering.

I will as well be sharing of my heart, my experiences, my dreams, my poetry and artwork. I hope to create here a fertile ground for my discovery of self and life, a place where I can grow and share my deepest wisdom and my most beautiful aspirations. I am a born maker. I love to create something from nothing. I love to lose track of myself for a while in the process of midwifing something new into the world. Sometimes that something is tangible and solid, sometimes as transparent and subtle as these words on a page.

I welcome you to join me here, as I explore life, learning, my own mind and my joy filled heart. I welcome you to reach out to me if something I say touches you, or if you wish to connect with me. I am dedicated to being of service to my community at home as well as abroad, wherever you may be. May we all be happy and free, may we all be wondrous and wise and may we GROW!

4 thoughts on “So I begin…

  1. hdelison says:

    Forgive me if I offend you or intrude upon your world, these words have come to me as I read you blog; this is a Quaker saying; “If you speak to that of god in the other person, that of god in that person will speak back.”
    On a different note, don’t worry about lemon peels in your compost, a long term compost heap can accept just about anything. Oh, and my wife got me into Tia Chi. I find it easy to learn and impossible to master. My teacher has given up on my kicks. But still thinks he can get Sue to do Clouds correctly.


    • mariannalouise says:

      Never an intrusion! I am so happy to have you read and share. That Quaker saying is so beautiful. My Grandma Marjorie was Quaker and I’ve always had a place in my heart for that expression of faith.
      Tai Chi is a wonderful practice! Something I’d like more exposure to. Such an art.


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